Live from the road
10 September 12:00
The BOLD Unconference 2023 has ended!
10 September 11:00
Until We Meet Again - Filling the Time Capsule, Applauding the Team, and Offering Closing Remarks
10 September 10:00
Results from the discussion rounds of day #3 are in!
10 September 09:00
Day 4 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
9 September 20:00
It’s that time of the evening again - dinner and networking at Leogang has begun!
9 September 19:00
A BOLD welcome to Salzburg’s Entrepreneurs
9 September 17:00
Gearing up for tonight's networking dinner - instructions are underway at the think lab!
9 September 15:30
A quick update from the mountaintop – there’s a buzz of creativity above the clouds
9 September 14:15
BOLD Unconference 2023 - we're atop a mountain!
9 September 12:00
Learn all about the BOLD minds here on our website!
9 September 11:30
Group session #2 has begun - BOLD questions for BOLD minds
9 September 10:00
Reflect and refocus: We’re delving into outcomes from the prior days.
9 September 08:00
Day 3 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
8 September 22:00
Day 2 of the BOLD Unconference has come to a close with a crash course in yodeling.
8 September 19:30
We’ve reached our final stop amidst the mountains of the alps
8 September 15:20
Insights on the go: We’re discussing mobility & tourism while en route to Leogang
8 September 15:00
Updates on hot topics: The daily morning briefing of the BOLD Unconference
8 September 14:00
New perspectives on ownership and circular economy - drawing inspiration at Ars Electronica Festival
8 September 11:00
Setting the mind towards art thinking at Ars Electronica Festival
8 September 09:00
Day 2 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun - we‘re off to Ars Electronica Festival!
7 September 22:00
Getting ready for Ars Electronica Festival on September 8 in Linz
7 September 19:00
Key insights and final notes from stop #2 of the BOLD Unconference 2023
7 September 17:00
8 tips to achieve mindful (self-) leadership from Azis Sadikovic
7 September 16:00
The BOLD Community spreads out to talk digitization and mindfulness at Melk Abbey
7 September 15:30
Arrived at Melk Abbey and eager to dive into digitization & mindfulness
7 September 13:30
We’re on the road to Melk Abbey!
7 September 13:00
Our stay in Vienna comes to an end with closing remarks by our hosts from the Austrian Economic Chamber.
7 September 12:00
Diving into health care: Talks by Lisa Mandemaker, Fredrik Debong and Walter Werzowa
7 September 11:00
Official kick-off of the BOLD Unconference 2023: Overcome fears and embrace open-mindedness
7 September 10:15
Let the networking begin!
7 September 10:00
Day 1 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
7 September 09:30
Preparations for the BOLD Unconference are in full effect, and we're eagerly anticipating a day full of impact.
6 September 13:30
Greetings to the global BOLD Community at Vienna Airport
6 September 13:15
What the BOLD Unconference 2023 is all about
6 September 13:00
The BOLD Unconference 2023 prepares to take off