The UnConference

13th - 16th June 2024

The BOLD UnConference is the annual centerpiece of the BOLD Community, serving as a homecoming for selected 50+ BOLD Minds from all over the globe. Over four immersive days, BOLD Minds convene in Austria, the BOLD Community's home, to collaborate with local innovation companies and co-create innovative solutions for today's challenges.

Structured around four days and four regions, the BOLD Minds embark on a journey across Austria, visiting local communities, understanding their contexts, and forging cross-cultural collaborations. These interactions lay the groundwork for lasting partnerships that will shape the economy of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the outcomes of the UnConference and the discoveries made during this event. The BOLD UnConference promises to unveil insights, foster connections, and pave the way for impactful innovations that transcend borders and boundaries.



50+ global BOLD Minds, 80+ local innovation companies, 4 days, 10 topics, 4 regions


The BOLD Community

The BOLD Community, an innovation initiative by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, designed to foster innovation and strengthen international collaboration. With its mission to shape the economy of tomorrow, the BOLD Community creates spaces that enable radical innovation which take place at the crossroads of different industries and countries. True innovation thrives at the crossroads of cultures, industries, and fields of expertise, where unconventional ideas converge, igniting BOLD Ideas—for the economy of tomorrow. Across the globe, there exists a wealth of brilliant minds, innovators, and thought leaders, each continuously pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. Our aim is to unite them and cultivate 'manufactured serendipity'—BOLD's specialty—a concept rooted in collaborative efforts to drive positive impact. By bringing together the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds, our objective is to address the greatest challenges of our time.



The Voices

The BOLD Minds

In just two years, the BOLD Community has rapidly grown, now boasting a global network of over 1000+ individuals—our esteemed BOLD Minds. Among them are 400+ Pioneers, visionaries who lead the charge in business, policy-making, research, and the creative industries worldwide. Their innovative projects range from designing artificial wombs to developing generative AI based on neural networks, reflecting their pivotal role in shaping both our present and future.

Annually, we extend invitations to BOLD Minds to apply for our renowned UnConference—a four-day event hosted in BOLD's home country of Austria. Throughout this immersive experience, participants embark on a journey across different regions, delving into the local innovation scene and collaborating with indigenous companies. Together, they leverage their diverse expertise to shape the economy of tomorrow through innovative ideas and cross-disciplinary partnerships.



A Vision for Cross-Cultural Collaboration 

and Global Impact

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is deeply committed to shaping the global innovation landscape through cross-cultural and cross-sector collaboration. Recognizing Austria's potential as an innovation hub, we are dedicated to bringing the world's most forward innovations to our country. Through matchmaking and networking initiatives, we aim to facilitate the global exchange of innovative ideas, showcasing Austrian innovation on a global scale. With over 100+ ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA commercial trade offices worldwide, BOLD has unparalleled access to international networks, enabling us to play a pivotal role in the global innovation scene. Our goal is to create a dynamic environment where radical innovation can thrive, connecting individuals who embody the spirit of being BOLD.



Meet Austrian Pioneers

The BOLD UnConference not only attracts the brightest minds from around the world to Austria but also showcases Austria's most innovative companies on the global stage. In every region we visit, we've invited the most esteemed companies from that area to join us. By bringing together Austrian pioneers and BOLD Minds, we aim to foster unconventional collaboration and creativity, believing that the future will be shaped by BOLD initiatives and innovative solutions.