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Univ.-Prof. Walter Werzowa - Born in Vienna in 1960, he was mentored by Otto M. Zykan and left Austria after receiving Gold/Platinum for "Bring me Edelweiss". He was a postgraduate at the University of Southern California, studying film composing with Jerry Goldsmith, David Raksin, Bruce Broughton, and Buddy Baker. The "Trailer Department Disney Studios" hired him while graduating. Six months into Disney employment, Walter founded his music house, "Musikvergnuegen". After his first international successes, the ubiquitous INTEL audio branding (90's most performed melody in broadcast), and the main titles to Schwarzenegger's "Eraser," his company grew exponentially. He worked intensively in Film, scoring for Steven Spielberg, Wim Wenders, and many more. In 2007 he founded a music library (26k+ tracks) which was acquired by BMG in 2014. After experiencing the impact of sound/music in his son's recovery after a severe illness, he founded HealthTunes, a non-profit focusing on evidence-based music in health. In 2016 Walter received his MA from the University of Santa Monica. Walter founded The MusicMedicine Consultancy GmbH, focusing on efficacy and adherence supported by music. After 30 years of living in Los Angeles, he moved to Vienna, building a satellite studio in Vienna that connects with MusikVergnuegen LA. Walter recently finalized his Beethoven X, AI Project – a collaboration with Harvard/Rutgers/Cornell, utilizing AI to finish Beethoven‘s musical sketches for his unfinished 10th symphony. This project generated € 750MM earned media in 2022, hit the Top-5 Album charts, and kindled a collaboration with Robbie Williams. Their LvB/Angels remake hit the UK album charts at #1 in 2022. Walter is Head of Music at the MYTHOS MOZART immersive experience, which opened in September 2022 in Vienna. Walter is Univ. Professor at Institut für Composition, Electro-Acoustics and Sound Engineering focusing on Film Music at University Vienna, mdw. Walter is an internationally acclaimed conference/symposium speaker. Walter's mission is to support composers' creativity and joy while sharing his innovative production and technical skills.