Sergiu Ardelean

CEO, Co-Founder


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I’m Sergiu Ardelean, a serial entrepreneur from Austria with a passion for pushing boundaries. I’m proud to have founded a highly successful Augmented Reality agency right in the heart of Vienna. Our agency served big names like Volkswagen and Audi, making waves in 42 countries around the world. Currently, I’m diving headfirst into an exciting startup venture that fuses haptic and digital art with the captivating power of augmented reality. It’s called Artivive. We now have offices in Europe, the US, and China, and an amazing community of 250,000 creatives spanning 190 countries. Artivive is collaborating with some of the most renowned museums and galleries in Vienna, Munich, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai. It’s incredible to see how ready the art scene is to embrace augmented art and explore new dimensions of artistic expression.