Matthias Neumayer

CEO, Co-Founder

heyqq GmbH

My job in 3 words

Co-Founder of Oscar Stories

Reasons we should network with each other

Curious, humourus, innovative

I am BOLD because...

I quit my safe job to pursue a new venture without a safety net.


Matthias Neumayer is the Co-founder & CEO of Oscar Stories, an innovative app that creates personalized bedtime stories for children using artificial intelligence. He holds a Magister of Law (LL.M.) degree from Juridicum in Vienna and a Bachelor of Arts degree in film. As a self-taught developer, Matthias leverages his diverse knowledge of law, film, and technology in his ventures. Prior to Oscar Stories, he was a commercial film director and owner of a reputable advertising agency, serving high-profile clients such as Red Bull, Verbund and others.