Ifeoma Ike

Founder & Chief Equity Weaver

Pink Cornrows

My job in 3 words

designing equitable spaces

Reasons we should network with each other

dream, problem-solve, fellowship

I am BOLD because...

we deserve liberation


Ifeomasinachi "Ify" Ike is a Nigerian-American award-winning lawyer and social justice activist and Founder and CEO of Pink Cornrows, a Black femme led policy and culture firm. She is the creator of Black Policy Lab, an annual free conference to design a better future for Black communities globally. Ify serves as the Director of Policy and Movement Strategy for the Black Innovation Alliance and led the advocacy behind the newly formed Congressional Black Innovation Caucus. She is the author forthcoming book "The Equity Mindset" (Sept 2023). Ify launched a new effort, Radical Sabbatical, which envisions spaces of rest and creation for women, gender expansive and non-binary persons.