Dirk Holste

Deputy Head, Center for Health and Bioresources; Managing Director

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH; EIT Health Austria GmbH

My job in 3 words

Research, management, innovation

Reasons we should network with each other

People, innovation, Connector

I am BOLD because...

take interest to action with ownership


Physicist and deputy head of the Center for Health & Bioresources at AIT since 2018. In 2019 he led an interest group of Austrian innovating partners into the public-private partnership EIT Health and founded the first new European EIT Health innovation hub since 2015 in Vienna which he currently serves as managing director from setup and until operating phase. Adding research at MIT (Cambridge, MA), MBA in Biotech & Pharma, and executive specialization (MIT Sloan, CBS), he offers strategic thinking and entrepreneurial mindset with the drive to achieve high-quality and sustainable results – applying his knowhow and experience in identifying and implementing strategic priorities, connecting the right people and stakeholders, launching lean innovation initiatives and capitalizing on business opportunities in response to technological, regulatory and other changes.