Dani Clode

Head Designer & Senior Technical Specialist

Plasticity Lab, Cambridge University

My job in 3 words

Augmentation, Neuroscience, 3D printing

Reasons we should network with each other

Collaborations and alternative future perspectives

I am BOLD because...

I'm exploring the future potential of our bodies


Dani Clode is an upper-limb augmentation and prosthetics designer - the founder of Dani Clode Design, the Senior Technical Specialist at the Plasticity Lab at Cambridge University and a collaborator of the Alternative Limb Project. Dani’s work investigates the future architecture of our bodies, challenging the perception and boundaries of extending the human form. Dani exhibits her award-winning work worldwide, including four permanent museum exhibitions, and is an author on multiple scientific publications. Her main project the ‘Third Thumb’ is currently being utilised in collaboration with neuroscientists at Cambridge University, investigating the brain’s ability to adapt to human augmentation by exploring the boundaries of neuroplasticity.