Azis Sadikovic

Conductor; Founder; Speaker

freelance conductor; ClassiXX@NOW; Conductor's Company

My job in 3 words

communication, inspiration, empowerment

Reasons we should network with each other

progress, creativity, humanistic

I am BOLD because...

there are no borders!


Born in Vienna, Azis Sadikovic is an internationally active conductor. From the Bayreuth Festival to the Danish National Radio Orchestra to the National Theater in Prague - the list of orchestras that have worked with him is long. Many famous soloists such as Elena Maximova and Jonas Kaufmann, Whoopy Goldberg and David Garett have shared the stage with him. Azis Sadikovic's extensive thoughts on social topics such as leadership & diversity, creativity & emotions are expressed in his keynotes. He gives impressions of his work as a conductor to the business world and talks about positive communication, empowerment and inspiration. In 2020 he founded the start-up ClassiXX@NOW, which as a 'social enterprise' is committed to bringing classical music closer to a young audience in a unique way. Azis is the President of the Association for the Promotion of Musical Education ClassiXX@Now. The non-material diverse activities include conceptual developments to promote the musical education and the development of children and young people, workshops, the preparation of studies and the realization of events. Supporters: MEGA Bildungsstiftung Wien, Berndorf Foundation, Edith-Haberland Wagner Foundation, Bildungsdirektion Wien.